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TRUMP IS GOING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! And he has! What Does Trump Mean By ‘Make America Great Again’? I will explain..Americans by nature are stupid… When it comes to Business ..U.S.A is totally…

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Hillary jail

NYPD Just Raided Hillary’s Property! They Found

NYPD Just Raided Hillary’s House, and personal Property! You’ve probably heard by now that NYPD obtained Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s home devices as part of an investigation into Weiner’s alleged “sexting” with underage girls……

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More Billions Wasted at the Pentagon

The Pentagon was worried their new budget might get slashed if Congress found out about their recent mismanagement of funds. Instead of coming clean when they found out about it, they tried to hide the…

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Barack obama

Searching the Rubble For the Jewel

Somewhere between the 2008 elections and the present, the Democratic Party has lost its way, and support. But they can’t place all the blame on Obama for blowing up the party. As he cut through…

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Trumps says no to boeing and hillary

Trumps Says No to Boeing and Hillary

If you think $4 billion for two airplanes sounds excessive, you are not alone. President Elect Trump agrees: “The plane is totally out of control. It’s going to be over $4 billion dollars for the…

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U s senator james lankford

DoD Programs Sen Lankford Government Waste List

It seems that we, the American people, are not the only ones fed up with government waste! Senator James Lankford, R- Oklahoma has just published a report on government waste and unnecessary regulations titled “Federal…

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Electoral College math for Dummies… I mean Democrats

For any of our readers who still don’t understand the thinking that went into the creation of, or the function of, the Electoral College, please take a look at the following illustration that has been…

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Trump obama

A Tale of Two Leaders

One is not yet gone, the other not yet sworn in, but their recent actions paint a clear picture about who they are and what they mean to America. First up is our soon to…

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Trumps brilliance

More Trump Brilliance

For a so-called newcomer to Washington, President Elect Trump is showing us an amazing mastery of both political theory and application. This reporter has learned the lesson the Dems learned the hard way: do not…

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Nancy pelosi

DNC Party Confusion and Delusion

After a stunning defeat for the White House, along with a decisive 241-194 loss in the House of Representatives, the DNC is a party divided. For the Dems to have lost the presidency, it is…

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Stein hillary recount

The Democrats True Motive Behind the Recounts

Wanting to keep their hands clean on this recount business, the DNC is using Jill Stein to do their dirty work. If Stein were non-partisan about this then she would also be recounting the states…

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Chopping block obamacare

Next up on the chopping block: OBAMACARE

If President Elect Trump’s choice of Sen Jeff Sessions as Attorney General heralds the end of sanctuary cities, as we know them, then his choice of Rep Tom Price as Health Secretary trumpets in the…

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Sanctuary cities trump

Goodbye sanctuary cities

With the pending confirmation of Sen Jeff Sessions from Alabama as Attorney General, Trump is doubling down on his immigration enforcement stance, and is sending a clear message to sanctuary cities: comply or else. With…

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Kellyanne Conway

Has Kellyanne Conway gone rogue, or is she just following orders?

President elect Donald Trump, after having been viciously attacked and personally insulted by failed 2012 Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, has met with Romney once already and has yet another meeting scheduled for early this…

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