DNC Party Confusion and Delusion

Nancy pelosi

After a stunning defeat for the White House, along with a decisive 241-194 loss in the House of Representatives, the DNC is a party divided.

For the Dems to have lost the presidency, it is easy for them to blame their flawed candidate. But the other ensuing loss of The House leaves them questioning everything they stand for, yet frozen with indecision.

Look no further than the reelection of Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader of House Democrats. They could have elected Tim Ryan, a much younger man representing the blue-collar state of Ohio. After party officials all agree that they failed to connect with middle-class voters, which have been their historic base, and given the fact they are entering their sixth year as minority, this would have been their logical choice.

“If you were a big company and you were posting loss after loss, the head of that company is not going to stay around too long,” said Rep Kathleen Rice of New York, a supporter of Ryan.
But instead, they amazingly reelect 76 yr. old rich, elitist, San Francisco liberal, Nancy Pelosi. What this tells us is they talk about change but are very reluctant to actually follow through with it. Just like their candidate Hillary: all talk, no action.

But a full one third of the party voted against her. They did this because they do want change. Much can be learned from this quote from Rep Jerry Nadler of New York: “There’s frustration with two things: One, we haven’t done as well. And (second), there’s frustration that people keep staying in their position, and there is a sort of bottleneck with younger members.” Here he admits the problem, yet still he backed Pelosi!

The DNC has a very large fraction of their caucus, which was elected within the last few years, which represents actual change who must be carefully monitored, as they will someday pose a serious challenge to the RNC.

But for now, as long as they keep making decisions such as reelecting Pelosi, Republicans have little to fear. Kellyann Conway surmised it perfectly in her recent tweet following Pelosi’s reelection: “What a relief. I was worried they had learned something from the elections and might be competitive again.”

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