DoD Programs Sen Lankford Government Waste List

U s senator james lankford

It seems that we, the American people, are not the only ones fed up with government waste!

Senator James Lankford, R- Oklahoma has just published a report on government waste and unnecessary regulations titled “Federal Fumbles: 100 ways the government dropped the ball”. The report identifies some 247 billion dollars of government waste and inefficiency.

The Federal grants program, which gives away some $650 billion a year, begs for oversight?

Not content to just document overspending in this category, Lankford is currently working on a much needed grant act, which will oversee the entire process, so frivolous or overlapping grants do not make it through.

The following are some of the lowlights from the report as highlighted to us by Senator Langford, in no particular order.

National Institute of Health spent $10 million on a grant to study the link between stress and drug addiction. Wow, you think?

The National Institute of Health funded a $2 million dollar grant to actually study weather kids prefer clean food, or food that has been sneezed on!

The National Institute of Health spent half a million dollars on a program which sent out texts to people urging them not to chew tobacco.

TSA spent $50,000 to create a randomizing app to direct airline passengers to enter either the right or the left line at airport security stations.

The National Institute of Health granted 3 million dollars for the creation of a twelve-episode soap opera that no one even knows exists to teach women them about reproductive health and HIV.

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