Has Kellyanne Conway gone rogue, or is she just following orders?

Kellyanne Conway

President elect Donald Trump, after having been viciously attacked and personally insulted by failed 2012 Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, has met with Romney once already and has yet another meeting scheduled for early this week. The prize? None other than Secretary of State, America’s number one diplomat to the world.

After using such harsh and personal words as “fraud, liar, and conman” in his attempt to derail Trump’s campaign, many loyal followers including campaign manager Kellyanne Conway are finally letting it be known how they feel about Trumps decisions to interview Romney for the post. But her motivation must come into question.

In Conway we have a Trump surrogate who, after leaving the Cruze campaign to join with Trump, has shown not only a fierce loyalty but has proven herself an extremely effective political operator. She weathered an impressive array of accusations from racism, and sexism, to groping’s, and bullying on behalf of her champion. As a result, sources have confirmed she feels she played no small part in Trumps election and has earned the right to help call some shots!

It is a well know fact that she “hates” Romney and has put everything on the line in her own derailment attempt. Not only does she hate him for his “disloyal resentful rants” at Trump, but she, like Trump, feels he could have won in 2012 had he put the effort into the campaign Trump did. “He lost because he was lazy, smug, and indifferent” she was overheard saying.

The real question here is, is Trump really entertaining Romney as Sect of State? Or is he dangling the carrot only to snatch it away in an act of justified revenge? And, is Conway, after having established the fact she will do anything for President Elect Trump, following Trumps orders so that when he does snatch the carrot, it looks like it was his inner circle lead by Conway and not him? Conway has gone out of her way to appear she is acting the rogue agent in this intrigue including giving the appearance she has no job in the Trump administration. This reporter, however, will be shocked if she is out a job, and also shocked if Romney gets the nod. It appears to be one giant set-up from one vindictive egomaniac to another vindictive egomaniac, with Conway playing the perfect part of agent provocateur.

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