More Trump Brilliance

Trumps brilliance

For a so-called newcomer to Washington, President Elect Trump is showing us an amazing mastery of both political theory and application. This reporter has learned the lesson the Dems learned the hard way: do not underestimate him.
His entire life he is used to winning, it’s how he thinks and acts, it’s his reality. Americans have been so downtrodden for so long that we have learned to accept that political insanity (correctness) is more important than results.

Two minor events, yet both portray an understanding never before seen by any of our leaders, in contemporary times. Maybe what we needed all along was an outsider.

According to Assange, Hillary Clinton actually personally pushed weapons into the hands of ISIS! “Weapons flows, going over to Syria, being pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadists within Syria, including ISIS, that’s there in those emails,” Julian Assange.
However, the reason she will be jailed is not the weapons alone, but ,instead, for a 2013 interview she gave on Benghazi.

First is the Carrier coup. In the big picture, the saving of one thousand odd jobs is a minor thing. Truth be told, it’s not the greatest deal for America either. Trump and Pence had to concede seven million dollars in incentives from the state of Indiana. That does set a dangerous precedent. Also, as the left has been crying about, the parent company, United Technologies, is a huge conglomerate that relies heavily upon defense contracts. In fact last year United Technologies made seven billion from defense contracts with Washington. Why couldn’t Trump have just said, stay in Indiana or lose your government contracts?

Why indeed? That’s the political brilliance of our new president. At this point, as President Elect, the details do not matter. He is making a point, establishing the fact that unlike all other politicians before, he will make good on his campaign promises. And for the American people, he deeply understands at the gut level that we don’t care about the details, we just want to win for a change. We have been losing for so long, even a minor victory, sullied as it now is by the Dems, is still a victory! JUST AS HE PROMISED DURING HIS CAMPAIGN.

The second event is actually yet to happen, but already it has the Dems in an uproar. More subtle than Carrier, yet potentially more impacting, is the upcoming choice of Heidi Heitkamp, a Democratic Senator from North Dakota for the Cabinet position of Secretary of Energy. This appointment, if made, will achieve three positive things for the Trump Administration.

First it will announce to America Trumps repeated goal of energy independence. North Dakota, in case you forgot, is the state where all the big oil fields are now producing, and where the Keystone Pipeline will pass through. Although Obama has repeatedly vetoed this pipeline, it will soon be under construction, along with all the jobs it will provide Americans, as soon as Trump gets sworn in.

This appointment also has huge political ramifications. North Dakota is a Republican state, yet she is a popular Senator who happens to be a Democrat. If she were to accept the offer, that would leave a vacancy. It is always more difficult to replace an incumbent than to fill as vacancy. Giving the fact North Dakota is a red state; the chances of a Republican replacement are excellent!

Plus it would path the way for other Dems to jump ship and join the Republican Party, much like we saw in the eighties with the Reagan Democrats.

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