Searching the Rubble For the Jewel

Barack obama

Somewhere between the 2008 elections and the present, the Democratic Party has lost its way, and support. But they can’t place all the blame on Obama for blowing up the party. As he cut through the ranks, reaping (raping) America with the socialist scythe of his radical racial agenda, the DNC stood by watching, frozen with hero worship and feelings of inadequacy in the shadow of the great man, their hero of heroes.

What happens when you stop paying attention? Everything you love falls apart, including your political party. The slippage began the day he was elected and continued unabated throughout the eight years of his presidency. But that didn’t seem to matter to the Democrats as long as they could lovingly gaze in admiration at their champion.

With no real issues they could stand by, other than racial injustice and fairness for all (except for white Americans), the party slipped into a personality cult. The problem with personality cults is they require a personality to lead them. Hillary had zero chance of filling Obama’s shoes, which leads us to exactly where the DNC is today: leaderless and issueless.

Let’s take a look at what happened to the DNC while Obama was grandstanding his social agenda upon America. When he took office in 2009, Democrats had 257 House seats, 60 Senate seats, 28 governorships, and control of 27 state legislatures. So complete was their grip on power that many were writing the Republican Party off completely.

In took just five short years for this to change. By 2014 the GOP had 247 House Seats, 54 Senate seats, 31 governorships, and control of 30 state legislatures. Which would have been fine had the Dems held the Executive Branch with Hillary, but they didn’t. They went all in with her and now are left scratching their heads.

With two thirds of the House Democrats coming from either the West or East Coast, and one third coming from three states:
New York, California, and Massachusetts, the DNC has completely lost touch with Middle America. Obama summed the thinking process up with this glib oversimplification when he said, “We just need to touch our base, (non-whites) and our base is growing every year.”

Having already demonstrated a shocking failure to grasp the present situation with the reelection of Pelosi, they seem intent on continuing with the failed policy of placing race and sexual orientation ahead of ability (Loretta Lynch). So who will be their next Obama? To whom do they cast their favor and hopes upon?

Rep Keith Ellison of Minnesota is both black and Muslim, which elevates him straight to demagoguery in the Democratic mind. Ellison once proposed a separate country for blacks, thinks all whites should pay all blacks reparations for slavery, and also called the U.S. Constitution “the best evidence of a white racist conspiracy to subjugate other people.” When he was elected to the House he famously stated that he wants “anyone but straight white men” to apply for internships. He certainly sounds qualified to lead the Democratic Party.

He has the support of party stalwarts such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Harry Reid. They see him as “a powerful statement” and as the face of the DNC going forward! Ellison is a perfect reflection of the current state of the DNC and is a powerful statement indeed.

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