The Democrats True Motive Behind the Recounts

Stein hillary recount

Wanting to keep their hands clean on this recount business, the DNC is using Jill Stein to do their dirty work.

If Stein were non-partisan about this then she would also be recounting the states where Hillary won by a few thousand votes as she is doing with the states Trump won by that margin. But her failure to do so is a clear indication of who is actually the driving force behind this farce.

The DNC know these recounts will not change anything so the question is why are they risking party embarrassment and going ahead with it? This reporter sees two benefits for the Dems and one benefit for Stein.

The first benefit for the DNC is for them to show that Trump not only lost the popular vote but his very victory in the Electoral College is under question. They know they will never get Hillary, but that’s not their end game. Hillary is finished and they know it. Forcing this recount allows them the opportunity to aggressively bring to bare enough pressure that some electors may actually change their votes on Dec 19. Remember there were many Never Trumpers in the RNC as well. All they need is to get a few to turn and they have created sufficient confusion and discontent that Trump’s victory will be nullified and the vote will go the The House.

Remember, they hate Trump just as much as the Republicans hate Hillary, so even though the house vote would still yield a Republican president, that Republican president won’t be called Donald J. Trump, a moral victory for the Dems.

The second benefit is for them to use this created uncertainty as a basis for impeachment. They are thinking ahead: he didn’t win the popular vote, and his Electoral College victory was under suspicion! They will use that to go along with whatever other Trump misstep they decide to pounce on, and all of a sudden they have a most persuasive case for impeachment. Trump will have missteps and they know it so, they are already preparing his downfall.

The benefit for Jill Stein is she gets to keep all the money she is raising. She can’t put it in her bank account but she can and will use it for the 2020 presidential election. In fact she has already raised more money doing her recounts than she did for her entire 2016 presidential run! And consider this: the Dems are desperate for a female candidate for president. Stein is getting closer and closer to them during these recounts. In fact, it would not surprise this reporter if Jill Stein ends up being the Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential election.

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